How to Unblock Telegram

Unblocking Telegram

Today you will learn how to unblock Telegram in censored Countries

Sadly, There are many countries that block & censor unwanted content.

Too bad if this censoring hits your favorite messaging app and you can not contact your family & friends while being in these countries.

As a traveller we should be always prepared and make sure that we can access our tools anywhere in the world!

There are 2 methods to unblock Telegram and we will exactly show you how!

Method 1 : Socks5 connection

A free, easy and fast way to unblock Telegram is to connect to Telegram via Socks5.

You will configure your Telegram and it will obfuscate your traffic, so the WiFi Hotspot owner, the Internet Service Provider and no one else can detect  where you connect to.

This will effectively unblock Telegram in any censored country.

Also, this method will be for Telegram only, other App’s will access the Internet  without Socks5 Connection, except you configure them each in the same way as you will do with Telegram – if they allow this function.

If you want to use another blocked app but this app doesn’t offer Socks5 proxy function, check out Method 2 which unblocks your whole device with all App’s.

Here is how to enable Socks5 Proxy in Telegram:

  1. Open Telegram
  2. Go to SETTINGS
  3. Press on DATA & STORAGE
  4. Press on PROXY
  5. Insert your data (read below for details)

Inserting Data Step by Step:

Now you need to get Data to insert.

Here you can find a lot of free ones:

Just take any Socks5 Data you feel comfortable with, and fill in the Data:

  1. in SERVER you paste the IP or Address of the choosen Socks5
  2. in PORT you paste the Port of the choosen Socks5
  3. Username & Password you would only put in if you use a paid Socks5
  4. Use Proxy For calls SHOULD be turned on, however the free Socks5 are generally slow, so the calls might be lagging.
  5. Try it.

The free Socks5 are usually very slow, however, for a chat App it usually is enough speed to chat fluently like normal.

Only downsides can occur, as we said, when you turn it on for calls and for sending & receiving files. It will be slow.

And if the free Socks5 turns off, you need to choose a new one and put it’s new data in again.

And there even is a Telegram Bot, which supplies you with free Socks5 Data whenever needed:

The best is, when pressing on a Proxy inside of Telegram, it automatically puts it in the settings for you. Nothing more to do!

Now you could send these proxies via Telegram to yourself and always have them with you and accessible by a press of a button. Maybe send it to yourself with #Proxy, so you will be able to easily find them!

A list of Socks5 saved offline would be good, because searching for a new one in a censored country could be critically or impossible. Always be prepared.

We personally use a paid Socks5 which i permanently leave on in Telegram. Speedwise the paid ones are perfect. Calls, Files & co. work fast & reliable.

So wherever we travel, we can be sure it always works and we never have to search for new free Socks5 or reconfigure something.

Our Socks5 is integrated into paid VPN, so we did not even have to buy a special one.

The best Socks5  which is integrated into our VPN you can find here: NordVPN

Method 2: VPN Connection

If you just want Telegram to work, Method 1 is fast and free.

For complete unblocking + protection of all Apps on your device, the best way is a VPN.

The VPN unblocks and protects your complete devices with all Apps and any connection it makes to the Internet.

We made a extra detailed article about VPN, which you can find here: WHY VPN 

We personally use VPN + Socks5 together. VPN to encrypt & protect our entire devices + all Apps that allow it – like Telegram – over Socks5 additionally.

Stay safe and uncensored!

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments.


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