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How to find a Name for a Blog

Dear Reader,

You probably read the ABOUT US and might ask yourself how & why we have chosen this name.

Well, we thought a while and coming up with a great name for a long-term mission isn’t that easy. First of all, the name must still match in a couple of years. Also, it must match to a spectrum of themes we are talking about and of course it must sound pleasant too. Above all, we must be happy and confident with the name because we will see and work with it every single day.

So, finally we thought about simple while defining words that would suit us best.

As a result, Dezentravel consists of three words: “Decentral”, “Zen” & “Travel”

Let us explain you why we choose those 3 words:


We strongly believe in Decentralisation. Centralisation leaded to a lot of evils in our world. It takes the power of all away and puts it into the hands of a couple who don’t care about all. It should not be like this and we should fight against this centralisation.

Also, we believe no one should be rooted in one place. Our lifestyle is decentral.


Zen is a great way of life.

First of all, it creates an unmatched view on everything. Zen means living life fully. It can only be felt not talked about, therefore it totally fits to our lifestyle. You can throw any situation at a Zen Master and he will go through it with humour.


For us, travel means exploring the unexplored.

What is the goal of life? To constantly learn something new? To constantly evolve and get better?

Bringing new views from different places and different people in our minds can’t be wrong. The unfiltered real life experience is still the best experience after all.

Seeing through your own eyes and thinking your own thoughts about it is unmatched in comparison to pre-made filtered thoughts you see on the TV. Viewing a beach on a screen alone is nothing compared to feeling the sand on your feet, the fresh smell of ocean in your nose, waves massaging your skin while having a burning sun in the back.

It must be felt!

These feelings are what we after! Unfiltered and true!

Share worthy moments that may make you happy too. Dezentravel is here to show you nice places.

Places to make your own experiences, your own thoughts and your own feelings.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments.

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