VPN for Traveling

Why you should use a VPN when travelling

Today we will let you know why you should definitely use a VPN when travelling.

A VPN can not only save you money and give you internet access in restricted countries, but also protect you from several threats, which most people would not even think about (until they got hit and it’s too late!)

As smart travellers, we should take precaution and be ready for a international lifestyle!

You will learn:

  • What is a VPN
  • Reasons for a VPN
  • Which VPN to use

What is a VPN?

Very simple explained, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connects your devices to another server on the internet, and allows you to browse the internet using that server’s internet connection.

The Connection between your device and the server is fully encrypted, making it impossible to steal or track something out of the device-server connection.

Without VPN you access pages directly and openly, making it easy for hackers to steal your data or for your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and others to track exactly what you are doing.

A Hacker just needs to be in the same WiFi connection as you, and you are already in danger. As Travellers are constantly in public wifis in airports, cafés or other places, they should know about this and take precaution!

Especially Crypto Currency lovers should take care, to not loose their precious coins to some hacker at a public airport WiFi somewhere, destroying a nice holiday.

Reasons for  VPN

Except for security and encryption, here is a list of reasons why you have to use a VPN:

Saving Money

As Airlines track their users and offer them different prices depending on where they are (Geo Tracking), it seems to be good to be easily able to change your location to where the best offer is.

With a VPN exactly that is possible! And while directly encrypting your connection, you can directly book that cheaper flight without any worries with credit card over any public network. You are safe.

And we bet with you, money spend on a VPN might be earned back with profits already when you book the next flights.

Accessing internet in restricted Countries

You are in China or any other of many restricted countries and just want to check your mail? Or just want to message your family? Maybe some Netflix?

No chance, these restricted countries block all connections to the most loved and used services around the world. As a normal user you would only be able to use their highly censored, super tracked Internet.

As a smart traveller, we can not let this happen and avoid this mess easily with a VPN. No more restrictions, no more tracking. Accessing the internet secured anywhere you might be.

Public WiFi Security

As travellers we connected a lot to public networks. Most without knowing which danger they put themself in.

Some people even use online banking in public networks, it’s like they are screaming: “HACK ME!!!”

There are even devices which copy the name of known public WiFi’s or pretend to be one. If you connect to one of these, you got a big problem and will propably only realise it when you check your wallet and your bitcoin are gone (worst case ).

With a VPN you can connect to any public WiFi without any worries. No one in the same WiFi will be able to steal or track something from you. All they could see is you connecting encrypted to some server, that’s it. Yes, even if you accidentally connect to one of these fake WiFi devices. You are safe!

Downloading & Streaming securely

Maybe you want to download or stream content. May it be a p2p Linux installation or content from questionable pages…

With a VPN you could do that. Your provider will not see anything of what you are downloading or doing, as it should be. As said in the public WiFi security above, your provider will only be able to see you connecting encrypted to some server. Nothing more could be tracked & sold, censored or used to make you trouble and in worst case cost you money!

Make Internet faster

Yes, there are really some providers that restrict the Internet speed of their users. With a VPN you can avoid this restriction and use the internet in it’s intended speed. 

Which VPN to use?

There is a big choice of VPN providers today. To find the best one you should know about a couple questions.

First of all, FREE vs PAID VPN:

There are a couple free VPN offers, but think about it – how do these companies earn their money?

Mostly, they are tracking and selling your data.

Besides that, to be able to offer the service many users have to share servers together, which makes them super slow. With these speeds, the Internet will not bring you any joy.

In short, with a free VPN you actually bring new threats in, which you definitely should avoid.

Where is the VPN based?

A very important question. You don’t want your VPN to be based in countries where data has to be stored or given to governments or other entities easily. There should be no retention laws.

You would not want to have a US based VPN. You would not want to have a Europe based VPN.

To be 100% sure, a offshore VPN is the best choice.

Does the VPN log?

A VPN is only good if NOTHING gets logged.

Any connection logs should be erased minutes after.

Even if a government or entity forces the VPN to give out data, there would be no data to give out.

Which encryption gets used?

As we explained, your devices connects to a server and from there you access the internet. The connection between your devices and the server should be encrypted and there are different levels of encryption.

If there is no encryption at all, well, then you could easily just connect directly with a public WiFi and there would not even be a change to your security.

There are lower encryption levels which a hacker could hack.

However, we must assume you are a target and/or the hacker is sure that there is something valuable behind this encrypted connection between your device and the VPN. Otherwise he would not waste ressources and time to try to hack it.

An then there are high encryptions which should be the standard. We are talking about Military-grade AES-256 Encryption. Now even if you are a high target and a hacker knows there is something highly valuable behind that connection, he would not have the ressources or time to even try to hack that.

Yes, there exist higher encryptions but as they make the Internet slower while lower but already unhackable levels exist, they don’t really make sense.

AES-256 is the perfect way to go with a VPN. Not hackable while giving great speeds.

Is there a speed limit and how many servers offers the VPN?

It should be clear that a VPN should not have any limits. This should not even be a question.

It’s more important that the VPN offers many servers all around the world, so you can always choose empty servers in any location you want to pretend to be.

A good VPN offers a couple servers on each continent.

Can you use it for more then one device?

As you want to protect all your devices, i assume a minimum of: 1 phone, 1 Laptop, 1 Tablet… you should be able to connect with all your devices to the VPN at once. If you would have to go off on one device, just to use another one, that would be really limiting and bad.

p2p Download friendly?

The VPN should be p2p and download friendly and even offer special p2p download servers for you to download whatever you want without any worries and fast.

Works in restricted countries?

The restricted countries get smarter and smarter to block unwanted connections.

To not go to deep into the technology behind this, i make it short: a good VPN provider should offer servers with best technology to disable the restrictions.


A good VPN should offer payment with Crypto Currency.

Our Recommendation

We checked many VPNs and questioned all possible questions and one favorite came out:

  • Offshore based VPN (Panama) with absolutely no retention laws
  • Does strictly not log anything at all
  • Military-grade AES-256 Encryption
  • Unlimited Speed with servers in 60 countries + access in restricted countries is working
  • p2p download friendly + special optimised p2p servers
  • Connection with 6 (!) devices at once possible
  • CyberSec feature a integrated Ad Blocker !!!
  • Accepts Bitcoin

The VPN is NordVPN

We use it on all our devices and it works great and reliably. Super fast and unblockable. Just turning it on and forgetting about it. They got their own app for Windows, Android, Apple & iOS, so you can turn it on with a press of a button.

So, we hope we were able to help you and make you safer as you travel around the world.

#Dezentraveller are smart travellers that use the best tricks and the newest technology.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments.

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