Phuket Snorkeling Guide

Welcome to the Phuket Snorkeling Guide, whether you are a professional Diver, a experienced Snorkeler or never tried any of that, Phuket offers a great environment for it!

The water is warm and clean and you can find a beautiful underwater world with colorful and playful fishes.

In this guide, you can read about the following:

  1. Best Places to Snorkel in Phuket
  2. Most interesting Fishes in Phuket
  3. Tips & Tricks for Snorkeling

Best places for Snorkeling in Phuket

We have tested many Beaches in Phuket , so we can tell you exactly where you will have the most fun snorkeling!

These are our favorite places for snorkeling in Phuket:

✩ Merlin Beach

✩ Ao Sane Beach

✩ Ya Nui Beach

Merlin Beach

Snorkelling: great

Beach condition: good but not excellent for swimming, just snorkelling

Facilities: massages and nice restaurant up hill 

Merlin beach is a small beautiful hidden beach with very less people and wonderful white sand! It’s located in front of the “Marriott Phuket Resort Merlin Beach” is not well known, but is the only beach having it’s natural reef. 

The Beach is perfectly made for Snorkeling. Coral’s everywhere, giving fish great living space. You can go out very far and explore the amazing sea live.

If you are a hotel guest, you can enjoy using the snorkelling reef program offered by the hotel, but if you are a visitor, there is a small road on the left of the hotel that will take you to that beach. 

Ao Sane Beach

Snorkelling: great

Beach condition: not very sandy

Facilities: restaurant, diving and bungalows

Ao Sane Beach is a small beach with climbable stones around it. As Merlin Beach, it is made for Snorkeling.

The Beach is right next to Nai Harn Beach, so the best is to come here for Snorkeling and after that, go to Nai Harn to relax there. The underwater exploration is amazing!

Ya Nui Beach

Snorkelling: good

Beach condition: good but small beach

Facilities: restaurants, bars and chairs

Ya Nui Beach is a beach with a very interesting form, and a big climbable stone in the middle of it. Tucked in a cove between the Windmill Viewpoint and famous Promthep Cape in the very south of Phuket Island.

Snorkeling is best around and especially behind the big stone. For the maximum snorkel experience, you should get a Kayak which you can rent there and go with it to the nearest island, hop in the water and enjoy the enormous amount of fish!

Interesting Fishes in Phuket

All these colorful fishes are wonderful, but here is a list of the most interesting ones you could meet in Phuket.

Some are mostly deeper in the water, but still rarely they come up, easily viewable by snorkelers.

Most interesting Fishes

  • Whale Shark
  • Manta Rays
  • Leopard Shark
  • Turtle
  • ClownFish (“Nemo” from “Finding Nemo”

Whale Shark 

The largest fish on the planet is not only at the top of our list, it is also an absolute highlight for most divers. In Thailand there are spots where lucky divers can come across these magnificent creatures. But of course, there is always some good fortune that plays a hand in being at the right place at the right time, and to be looking in the right direction.

And if you do find a whale shark there is no need to worry, just like Manta Rays, although they are colossal creatures, they are perfectly harmless plankton eaters.

Whale Shark

Manta Rays

Another big fish on our list of Thailand diving highlights, and more frequently sighted than whale sharks are their cousins, ​​the mantas.

Mantas, like whale sharks, are pelagic creatures living out in the open sea. They tend to return to specific cleaning stations where they congregate in groups, sometimes small and sometimes larger.

To dive with a Manta Ray is an unforgettable experience. And like Whale Sharks, they will at times come into shallower waters. So even beginners and snorkelers can be lucky enough to see one of these 6 metre large rays.

Manta Ray

Leopard Shark

The most common species of shark in Thailand is the Leopard Shark. Also known as “lazy shark” as it spends most of its day resting on the sandy bottom, it will only tend to swim away if harassed by a group of divers.

In contrast to most other shark species, leopard sharks are not particularly shy, and will often allow respectful divers to approach, and might even circle around them curiously. They too are completely harmless.

Leopard Shark


Turtles are another popular attraction in Thailand. Although they live in the sea, they come onto land to lay their eggs.

Turtles are found in many dive spots and are usually left in peace. They swim leisurely through the reef, chewing on sea grass here and there, leaving many traces.



One of the smallest on our list, yet certainly one of the most popular. Often also referred to as Nemo.

There are various types of Clownfish, some of which are endemic to Thailand. Among them is the Orange clownfish, as the Nemos are called. Other species include Clarks clownfish, which are darker in colour.


Last but Not least:

Although this list includes some of the seaworld creatures that divers can find in Thailand, they are not all that await you.

Thailand has an incredible diversity of species underwater. Fish and coral in all colours and shapes. The smallest shrimp, snails and crabs, huge schools of snapper and fusiliers, mackerel & tuna on the hunt.

There are bat fish, doctor fish, parrot fish, sweetlips…

It’s not necessarily just the highlights that make diving special. It is also the variety of experiences and discoveries as well as just taking the time to observe and to enjoy. This is what makes a dive memorable. And when a particularly large, small or rare creature is sighted, it’s just the icing on the cake.


Tips & Tricks for Snorkeling in Phuket

You should be prepared for maximum fun snorkeling in Phuket. Just getting a snorkeling Mask and jumping in the water is possible, but you should take care of following things:

  • Snorkeling Mask

The most important thing for snorkeling – you guessed it – is the snorkeling mask. As the most important gear for snorkeling, it should give a great view, feel good on the face and very importantly it should not fog.

Fog is a absolute fun killer, next to water leaking into the mask, and the biggest problem occurring in snorkeling masks. We fell in love with a perfect snorkeling mask, which gives you full view and breathing through mouth and nose as you please. Also, it has a ball in the snorkel, which closes the snorkel  should you decide to go deeper. No salt water coming in your mouth.

We haven’t experienced any fog problems with this mask. And the best of all, they come with a GoPro adapter attached. You can easily film your snorkeling sessions like that.

Snorkeling Mask

I have optimised the mask with a extension for the GoPro, for creating great content underwater. Yes, you can call me Deepsea Anglerfish

  • Feet protection

Especially in Merlin Beach, it just hurts to walk over all these corals. Being able to just jump on stones and step anyhwere without having fear to hurt or cut yourself somehow, doubles the fun. You should definitely get diving shoes, which protect you perfectly for that case.

  •  Filming

If you want to capture great content underwater, you should think about getting a long underwater selfie stick for capturing great close up content. The underwater light is a very good choice too!

Snorkelling Tips

  • Wear thick sunscreen or/and a T-shirt, the sun’s rays are magnified by water and it’s so easy to get sunburn
  • Be wary of jet-skis and make yourself as visible as possible while snorkelling 
  • Always defog your mask before diving. No use swimming amongst beautiful tropical fish if you can’t see them 

Be safe out there! Tag some Snorkeling pictures you made with the help of our guide with #Dezentraveller!!!

We can’t wait to see them!!!

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