Phuket ViewPoints

Phuket Must See Viewpoints

Phuket Must See Viewpoints

Phuket’s viewpoints are breathtaking and magnificent to say the least. All of what Phuket has to offer are displayed in sweeping vistas and beautiful white sandy beaches. The viewpoints are many, but they provide plenty of diversity for the tourist or the sightseer. It is quite impossible to pick the best one, but below are wonderful and unique viewpoints in Phuket that you have to see to get a complete and immersive experience.

Promthep Cape

The first on the list is perhaps the most famous location in Phuket. Promthep Cape is the best place to be at one time during a day, which is sunset time. The sunset in this viewpoint is something to remember, as the view offers a sweeping gaze of the Rawai Beach as well as the beautiful hills in the south.

Tourists and lovers alike come together in this special time to appreciate one of nature’s most wonderful moment. Promthep Cape also has various other landmarks that you may enjoy, such as the lighthouse that has a killer view of the surrounding islands Koh Racha Yai, Phi Phi, Koh Racha Noi, Koh Kiaow and its Buddhist monastery.

Phuket Big Buddha

The Big Buddha is certainly not to be missed if you are in the Phuket area. It is one of the popular temples in Phuket, holiest and most important landmarks and it offers a great spiritual experience. The image sits atop the Nakkerd Hills in between Kata and Chalong and is tall and majestic at 45 meters.

Big Buddha is made of white Burmese marble that shines in the sun and is widely revered as a symbol of hope. 

Radar Hill Viewpoint

The highest viewpoint in Phuket commands a great view of the area and makes an awesome picture with your camera. Radar Hill may take a while to get to, but the rewards are many and the experience gives you a story to tell your friends and family. Radar Hill Viewpoint stands over Patong and in the view you can see the clear sky as well as the wide lands and seas. The journey to Radar Hill is an adventure in itself. Coasting through up to the top also gives you a view of Chalong Bay and the lovely Bang Wad reservoir.

What you should know about this location, is that the Weather Station is Military owned, and you should not park any where near it, and do respect the signs, don’t take any photos of the weather station or it’s gates.

Best time to visit would be during the day, make sure you got enough gas in the tank.

Radar Hill

 Karon Viewpoint

Karon Viewpoint offers viewers and tourists the scenic landscape. This busy viewpoint is a crossroad to many other tourist viewpoints and destinations such as Kata Noi, Kata Yai and it’s beaches and Nai Harn. It has been branded as the “Three Beaches Hill” or the Khao Saam Haad in local dialect.

This unique viewpoint offers something that other views do not have- a grand and sweeping eight-kilometer image of the three west coast beaches and extra attraction –  you can make there beautiful photos with Eagles just for 100 THB.

Karon Viewpoint

Khao Rang Hill

This viewpoint gives sightseers a stunning combination of a nature and suburban view in a perfect blend of harmony. The grand view consists of a peek of the Phuket Town, the southern part of the island and the numerous hills that dot the landscape, and at the end of the island’s spine is the Big Buddha.

Sit back and relax at the number of restaurants that dot the location, offering their own impressive views, or you may also choose to have a down-to-earth picnic in the grass along with the bronze statue of Ratsada Korsimbi Na Ranong watching over you and monkeys walking near it.

Khao Rang Viewpoint

Monkey Hill

Visit the quirky Monkey Hill and you will know the reason why it was named as such- an army of macaques will enliven your journey and bring you a fun experience in Phuket. Monkey Hill is also given the title of the highest hill in Phuket and is a great location for jogging and other recreational activities. If you want to drive hill up with your bike or car, you can do it before 5 PM (after this time the road will be closed to drive up).

Monkeys activity time also in the morning or in the evening, in the middle of the day they prefer to stay in a jungle. Up on the hill you can buy nuts and bananas for them, also they are very obsessed with water, so grab some bottles of the water for those cute animals.

A total of 400 macaques live in the hill and they are a friendly bunch. After the entertaining play, make sure to check out the delightfully colorful shrine at the bottom of the hill dedicated to three spirits named Toe Sae Dam, Toe Sae Dang and Toe Sae Kaow.

Khao Khad (Panwa) Viewpoint

This particular viewpoint offers a full 360 degree view over the eastern and southern part of Phuket. Here the place is not as crowded as Big Buddha and Cape Promthep and gives a personal and private experience for tourists. The two-level tower is helpful because the photo key maps provide information in both English and Thai and tell you what particular vista you are looking at.

Windmill Viewpoint

If you are on the Promthep Cape, you can easily drive to check this viewpoint too. It is named as such because it houses some white, tall and slim windmills that face the sea and look like propellers from afar. The “Promthep Alternative Energy Station” offers a view of sea traffic coming to and from Singapore.

It is also a great hangout spot for those who love hang gliding and model airplane enthusiasts because the viewpoint has spectacular thermals. Windmill Viewpoint allows you to gaze in wonder at Promthep in the south, Ya Nui beach, Nai Harn beach and a tropical green island that is oblong-shaped named Koh Man.

Windmill Viewpoint

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